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We are a family business from Jalisco, dedicated to tha manufacture of curtains and blinds. Committed to satisfying the tastes and needs of our customers, creating unique and functional environments.

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We have the experience to carry out any type of project, such as residential, hotel, office, school and exteriors.

We handle a wide catalog of colors, fabrics and textures. At Cortinas y Persianas Estrada, we are manufacturers, therefore, we handle affordable prices in all styles of blinds. We offer style, quality and practicality at the best price, without neglecting the tastes and needs of our customers.


The desing must be functional and the functionality must be translated into visual aesthetics, without relying or tricks that need to be explained.

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Sheer Elegance

The sheer Elegance blind is a combination of two fabrics in the same mechanism that makes this type of blind very elegant and practical.


Roller blinds are very elegant and functional, as they integrate into any space, combining desing and style in an attractive and efficent way.

Traditional curtain

Achieve a perfect combination between curtains and furniture, with the wide variety of fabrics, colors and textures.

Upright PVC

Vertical blinds in PVC material are an excellent alternative when thinking about finishes for the home or office, designed to cover windows and sliding doors. Our vertical blinds in PVC material are a product that provides afficient control of light and privacy in spaces.


Can you imagine that you can move your blinds with just one remote control button? either one or all... and if i told you that you could move your blinds with your cell phone or your voice, in Cortinas y Persianas Estrada, we can do it.


Wallpaper generates environments in your home that are difficult to obtain by painting, the change of decoration is very fast and uniform finish is achieved in terms of colors, textures and desing. It does not generate annoying odors when applied, it is easy removed and can be replaced with a new model. They are very easy to clean and are hygienic.


At Cortinas y Persianas Estrada, we have an express repair and maintenance service for blinds and curtains of all kinds, with qualified personnel and great experience in the field.


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